Board of Directors

Équipe Conseils d'administration
  • Philippe Meilleur


  • Laurianne Petiquay

    Vice President

  • Edith Cloutier


  • Jo-Ann Toulouse

    Board member

  • Maud Flamand

    Board member

  • Nancy Brunelle

    Board member

  • Jenny Hervieux

    Board member

  • Donald Pilot

    Board member

  • Jennifer Brazeau

    Board member

  • Charlotte Commonda

    Board member


Tanya Sirois

Executive Director tribal

Nathalie Picard

Administrative Services Coordinator tribal

Amélie Lainé

Partnerships and Programs Director tribal
Sonia Couture

Sonia Couture

Director of Finance tribal

Sébastien Robert

Knowledge Mobilization Advisor tribal
Laurent Odjick

Laurent Odjick

Director SIRCAAQ tribal

Florence Picard

Legal Advisor tribal

Audrey Bergeron-Bilodeau

Justice and Public Safety Advisor tribal
Bruno Lemieux

Bruno Lemieux

Project coordinator (SIRCAAQ) tribal
Image vide

Nathalie Vincent-Sirois

Admin. and Operations Coordinator (SIRCAAQ) tribal
Image vide

Carolane Ferland-Picard

Financial Controller (SIRCAAQ) tribal
Catherine Landry-Larue

Catherine Landry-LaRue

Environments Mobilization Manager tribal

Mélanie Moreau

Early Childhood and Family Advisor tribal

Alexandra Picard

Health and Wellness Advisor tribal
Vicky Giguère

Vicky Giguère

Administrative Technician tribal

Jean-François Côté

Projects and Programs Coordinator tribal

Stéphanie Fontaine-Dumais

Employability and Skills Development Advisor tribal

Catherine Savard

Education Advisor tribal

Audrey Pinsonneault

Research and Continuous Improvement Coordinator tribal
Christine Gagnon

Christine Gagnon

Graphic Designer tribal

Marie-Hélène Canapé

Outreach Officer (SIRCAAQ) tribal

Elsa Gaudreault

Project Manager tribal

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