Board of Directors

Équipe Conseils d'administration
  • Philippe Meilleur


  • Mélanie Boivin


  • Lise Malec


  • Charlotte Commonda

    Board Member

  • Hakim Mark Thameri

    Board Member

  • Tracy Mark

    Board Member

  • Anouk Raphaël

    Board Member

  • Pénélope Guay

    Board Member

  • Laurianne Petiquay

    Board Member

  • Éric Labbé

    Board Member

From left to right:

(Front row) Oscar Kistabish, Christine Jean, Dominique Rankin

(2nd row) Sandy McGuire, France Robertson, Charlotte Commonda

(3rd row) Jonathan Pinette-Grégoire, Philippe Meilleur

Absentees: Mélanie Boivin, Anouk Raphaël, Hakim Mark Thameri, Pénélope Guay


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