Board of Directors

Équipe Conseils d'administration
  • Philippe Meilleur


  • Tommy Moar

    Board Member

  • Mélanie Boivin


  • Anouk Raphaël

    Board Member

  • Lise Malec


  • Hakim Mark Thameri

    Board Member

  • Katy Niquay

    Board Member

  • Charlotte Commonda

    Board Member

  • Pénélope Guay

    Board Member

  • Laurianne Petiquay

    Board Member

  • Dominique Rankin


  • Oscar Kistabish


  • Tracy Mark

    Board Member

From left to right:

(Front row) Oscar Kistabish, Christine Jean, Dominique Rankin

(2nd row) Sandy McGuire, France Robertson, Charlotte Commonda

(3rd row) Jonathan Pinette-Grégoire, Philippe Meilleur

Absentees: Mélanie Boivin, Anouk Raphaël, Hakim Mark Thameri, Pénélope Guay


Tanya Sirois

Executive Director tribal Ext. 222

Claudie Paul

Director of Strategic Development tribal Ext. 227

Josée Potvin

Administrative Assistant tribal Ext. 221

Jean-François Côté

Projects and Programs Coordinator tribal Ext. 225

Amélie Lainé

Operations Director tribal Ext. 223

Mathieu Tessier-Gros-Louis

Social Development Advisor tribal Ext. 224

Audrey Bergeron-Bilodeau

Justice and Security Advisor tribal Ext. 226

Mikis Allyson Jean-Hébert

Student - Support clerk tribal Ext. 224

Catherine Charest

Project Officer - Research tribal Ext. 234

Stéphanie Fontaine-Dumais

Employability and Development Skills Advisor tribal Ext. 228

Denis Tremblay

Financial Controller tribal Ext. 233

Audrey Pinsonneault

Research and Continuous Improvement Coordinator tribal Ext. 230

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