The Centre d’amitié autochtone de La Tuque is an urban service hub, a gathering place and a cultural anchoring space for Indigenous people. It actively contributes to Indigenous social, community, economic and cultural development through innovative and proactive strategies. Over the years, the Friendship Centre has become an incubator of major initiatives and numerous partnerships to meet the varied needs of urban Indigenous people, specifically in La Tuque and, since 2013, in Trois-Rivières.




  • Support for academic success
  • Learning support
  • Skills development activities

Psychosocial intervention

  • Accompaniment and referral to existing services within the network
  • Listening and counselling
  • Parenting skills development
  • Delinquency prevention
  • Homelessness prevention

Cultural activities

  • Traditional and contemporary craft workshops
  • Indigenous history and culture workshops
  • Awareness-raising activities for the general public

Community development

  • Family outings
  • Collective kitchen

Citizen participation

  • Youth Council

Acokan Health Clinic

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544 Saint-Antoine
La Tuque (Qc) G9X 2Y4

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