The Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre is an urban service hub, a gathering place and a cultural anchoring space for Indigenous people. It is dedicated to well-being, justice and social inclusion while favouring harmonious cohabitation with the greater community.



The leader of an engaged Indigenous community, the Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre actively contributes to Indigenous social, community, economic and cultural development through innovative and proactive strategies.



The Centre offers services in three broad areas: community development, social development and social economy.

Flowchart of the services (French Only)

Community development

The community development sector contributes to the Indigenous community’s active participation and involvement, as well as to sociocommunal, political and economic life by recognizing potential, developing skills and affirming culture and identity. This involves:

  • Increasing skills and knowledge
  • Providing access to jobs
  • Promoting Indigenous labour
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Fostering associative and democratic life
  • Supporting health and well-being
  • Offering learning support

Social development

The social development sector improves the well-being and self-development of Indigenous community members by offering psychoeducational, psychosocial and health services in a holistic approach that balances the mind, body, spirit and heart and empowers them through skills recognition and development. This works on:

  • Poverty and exclusion
  • Children and families
  • Health and well-being (Minowé Health Clinic)
  • Child development
  • Parenting skills development
  • Nursing and medical care

Social economy

Indigenous social economy contributes to community members’ democratic, sustainable and united participation. It also fosters social, cultural and economic vitality by producing goods and services, providing access to quality jobs, recognizing Indigenous labour and diversifying the economy. This includes:

  • A food and catering service
  • Lodging (the Habitations Kijaté)
  • A boutique
  • Rental services
  • Indigenous lodging and tourism services (the Kinawit cultural site)
  • Economic development
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