The Société immobilière du Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec (SIRCAAQ) builds, acquires, promotes, develops and carries out social housing projects in Quebec cities to contribute to Indigenous people’s wellness.

Community-based living environments for Indigenous students are intended to highlight the value of their cultures and foster First Peoples’ educational empowerment.

A collaborative approach, by and for Indigenous people

Incorporating a collaborative and inclusive approach, which includes consultation with future residents, SIRCAAQ projects are designed as culturally safe facilities that meet Indigenous tenants’ needs appropriately.

The host communities are also consulted in the development process, and local partners participate by taking part in a local deployment committee.

Innovative and sustainable infrastructures

Indigenous people experience distinct social realities and face specific barriers, including access to housing. These challenges are often the reasons Indigenous students stop their studies temporarily or permanently before graduation. Building specially designed living environments, with integrated services for the whole family, directly addresses these problems and offers affordable, accessible and culturally safe housing to young Indigenous people wishing to pursue their studies away from their home community.

The buildings are conceived to fit harmoniously into the urban landscape while emphasizing the connection with nature as well. They also generate many positive local outcomes and favour the use of local and Indigenous suppliers.

SIRCAAQ’s community living environments are a direct response to the recommendations of the Viens Commission (CERP) and have been recognized by the Government of Québec as a means to address housing and school retention issues.

More than just student residences, these projects create the right conditions for Indigenous students and their families to flourish in symbiosis with their community, values and culture.

Our Values


    Working together for the collective wellness of Indigenous people, within our organization and with the different partners involved in the developed projects.


    Taking action in harmony with our environment and valuing everyone’s contribution, to make our vision of development for the next seven generations a reality.


    Staying true to who we are and acting transparently and fairly to build and maintain authentic, meaningful and trusting relationships.


    Promising to guide the Friendship Centres in building their capacities, by supporting of the successes of the projects in a spirit of interconnection.


    Designing and implementing innovative, relevant and culturally grounded solutions with great determination.

Our Publications

Our team

Laurent Odjick
Executive Director


Bruno Lemieux
Director of Housing and Infrastructure Development

Carolane Ferland-Picard
Financial Controller


Mikael Garneau
Living Environments Coordinator


Nathalie Vincent-Sirois
Administration, Operations and Human Resources Coordinator

Shaniss Bellefleur
Project Manager


William Bilodeau
Project Manager


Nutshimit Living Environment in Sept-Îles

Marie-Hélène Canapé
Outreach Officer


Mario Leclerc
Janitor and building gardian


Kim Normand
Social Worker


Waska Witcihitowin Living Environment in in Trois-Rivières

Lauréanna Echaquan
Outreach Officer


Marcellin Verreault
Janitor and building gardian